18 Eighteen – Bikini Matches Pink Pussy

18 Eighteen - Bikini Matches Pink Pussy

Franziska is a sexy, slinky, slim German with a beautiful face and a yen for bikinis. She’s a little on the haughty side, like how these high-steppin’ fashion models behave. The cameraman, who is almost three times her age, has photographed thousands of girls and he knows talent when he sees it. He asks her to speak German for him. He slowly builds up his rap and pervs good on Franziska who responds very well to his porny patter about sex, playing with herself, sucking balls and wet pussy. She is awesome in her pink string bikini. She takes it off, revealing her gorgeous, young body. Our man gives Fransika detailed smutty instructions while he rolls his POV camera, practically drooling over her tender skin. “You make noises when you’re getting fucked? You like guys pounding into ya? Let me see that wet pussy some more. I wanna see you spread your ass.” On and on. She goes from indifferent to totally compliant in steps. Which goes to prove yet again that it takes a dirty male brain to get a chick to do a very hot and horny solo video. This is as close to a mindfuck as any girl is gonna get from anyone, with or without a camera.

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18 Eighteen – Raunchy Roommate

18 Eighteen - Raunchy Roommate

“I just got kicked out of my house…I have no place to go. I don’t have anything.” Deven’s shit out of luck until some dude spots this damsel in distress and offers her a place to crash. How does she plan to pay rent? Well give you a hint…she’s not applying for that cashier position at the fast food restaurant! Not so long as her mouth and pussy are hot and wet. Deven blows her new landlord, getting his cock slick with her spit, moaning as he grows harder in her mouth, pinching her nipples ’cause she’s horny. She takes his big cock like a champ. You can tell that Deven likes it hard. After fucking up a sweat, we think she’s earned her rent for this month!

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18 Eighteen – Putting on a Show

18 Eighteen - Putting on a Show

“The other day I caught my brother’s friend watching me take a bath through a tiny crack in the door. I pretended like I didn’t see him, and I really put on a show for him. I let the hot water run down my body while I pinched my nipples and fingered my pussy. I was so horny I wanted to ask him to come in and join me, but I didn’t want to ruin the fantasy. If I let him know that I saw him, then he wouldn’t watch me anymore. Some people might say he’s a perv for watching me, but then maybe I’m a perv for liking it.”

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