Obsessed with myself

Different hotties in their bikinis

Another compilation of steamy babes from ObsessedWithMyself.com. Photos of self-shooting chicks who are only in either their underwears or bikinis. It’s not like these are rare or anything but because we have a lot of different bitches posing for us, it means that we got a whole lot of different faces and body types to feast on too and of course, not to forget, photos to wank our cocks to. Have you ever wondered what goes through the minds of these girls who are so addicted and obsessed with themselves? Holding a camera and taking a photo of themselves in almost all the places that they lay their eyes on. If only they can hold their breath for an entire 15 minutes, maybe they’d be diving into a pile of shit, aim the fucking camera on their faces, and force a smile just so they can cover their entire list of places where a crazy camwhore should be. Some of these babes prefer to take photos without even putting anything else on but their wornout bras and panties when some would go to the lengths of buying a new bikini just to show off their bodies in it. Anything for show. We ain’t complaining though and that’s the last thing I would do when Obsessed With Myself is always jampacked with chicks who help us jack off anytime we please. View them all here now and enjoy!