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I’ve managed to collect all these hot photos of babes who made me jack off a number of times before (and still do now). And because they’re all proven the effect of making any man’s dick hard, effortlessly, I included them here in the Girlfriend Orgasms wall of fame. I got no favoritisms here coz, I know will agree with me, I do find every single bitch posted here way hot. Who could resist a horny girl who knows exactly how to please herself, right? Some of them like to use their fingers to fuck their twats with while the rest prefer dildos and vibrators, which make up for the lack in size and “performance” of their slender fingers. Don’t be fooled though. They don’t masturbate just because they’re fuckin’ lonely. I think that piece of Urban Legend can die now since I know a lot of slutty chicks who admitted to playing with their pussies to simply tease anyone who may happen to catch them in their naughtiest and kinkiest state. And some even said that they masturbate to relieve tension or stress that they may happen to have. Hell, I can watch them do their thing and I’d let them take MY stress away! Oh, and of course, a lot of the chicks do this for fun too. Yes, FUN. But it would only be really fun if we get to see them beat their cunts up and we hear them moan here.

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