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Anastasias car broke down so I deciced to help. I looked at her car and told her that it would cost ALOT of money to fix it. I told her that I would pay to have her car fixed if she modeled nude for my website..(and let me fuck her.) She got VERY offended but decided to do it since she was so broke. The only thing that was broken on her car though was ONE FUCKING SPARK PLUG!...HAHA! (Of course, she didn't know that). She saw me a few days later (after visiting the mechanic) and she was VERY pissed at me for "tricking" her. Hell, she even threatened to take me to court for RAPE!! Fuckin whatever. Crazy damn bitch.

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Angel is a girl that I met over at the shopping mall a few months back. She has never been nude on the internet before except for on True Amateur Models. She also told me that she will never shoot for any other websites other than True Amateur Models so this is the only place where you can see her. (same with most of the other girls on this site too.) There are 917 pictures of Angel on the site and more are coming. If you like REAL AMATEUR GIRLS that cannot be seen on any other websites then this is the site for you!

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I went to a movie theater one afternoon and I saw Lexi there. She came out to buy some popcorn and I was getting a drink of water from the water fountain. As I saw her walking towards me, I walked towards her to talk with her. After the movie had ended, she told me that she needed a ride home so I gave her a ride. I also gave her the URL to my website and told her to check it out too! She called me that SAME afternoon wanting to model for the website!

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Julie is a waitress at a restaraunt and as my food was being prepared, I talked with her a little. We didn't have much time to talk because she was pretty busy but I did grab her phone number before I left. We talked a little later about her job and then she asked what it was that I do for a living so I told her to go to the website! I didn't know if she'd be interested or not but she called me a couple of days later saying that it would probably be fun so we set up the shoot.

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I met Cassandra over at the shopping mall one day. I talked with her about modeling nude for my amateur website and she was interested in doing it but she had to check with her boyfriend about it first. That was almost two years ago. I remember, her boyfriend used to always bring her to the shoots and he would NEVER have any part in her doing any sexual scenes for the website at all. Well, Cassandra and her boyfriend broke up three weeks ago and here she is....doing her VERY FIRST fuck scene for the website!