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Anna Miller: “Want to get to know me? I am a swinging house wife, which means I get to have sex with my group of friends! I am in an open swinger relationship, where anything goes, and I capture it all for you in video and in photos, here on my personal website. My email address is inside the members area, so once you join, drop me a line. Hope to hear from you soon!!”

4 Real Swingers - Anna Miller Sex Adventures 4 Real Swingers - Anna Miller Sex Adventures 4 Real Swingers - Anna Miller Sex Adventures
I was haning out spending the afternoon catching up with Sammy and Vanilla. We were joking around and teasing each other. I suggested that Bruce would love to get some different MILF pussy. They laughed and agreed and we called out for Bruce to come join us. Of course, we came over. Vanilla asked him if he was honry while I rubbed his crotch. Then I pulled his jeans down and started sucking his cock. I shared it, passing it to Vanilla and to Sammy. Then it all broke out into group sex. We got naked and kissed, licked and suck … Oh yeah, that’s Joy all right! She came to visit us at the webmaster forum in Phoenix last week. She, Ava and I were soaking up some sun in our bikinis by the pool. the guys grabbed the camera to snap some photos.. we started cheesing it up. For Joy, that means licking whatever body part is in front of her. We enjoyed a three way lesbian kiss, then flashed our boobies out for the camera! What a fun way to start our weekend! This is the first time that Kacy got naked with another woman!! We discovered that we had the same sexy little dresses just in different colors.. so we dressed up then stripped out of them. I helped Kacy untie the straps and pull her dress off to show her pretty perky tits. Then we posed ass to ass and breast to breast. But the most luscious photos of all the last photos showing our long legs and little butts with our pussies peeking out to say hello!
4 Real Swingers - Anna Miller Sex Adventures 4 Real Swingers - Anna Miller Sex Adventures 4 Real Swingers - Anna Miller Sex Adventures
Ava and Zac came over to party with us a few weekends ago on a Saturday night, we were all getting a little frisky and Ava wanted to make a little porn video with me. yeah, this is Bruce writing this I quickly grabbed the camera and lead her over to the couch, and she had already taken off her pants when I grabbed the camera. She got down on her knees and started sucking my cock while I filmed. Ava gave me a good 5 minute blow job, and she wanted to start fucking, so I handed the camera off, and Ava climbed aboard. It didn’t take m … Bruce and I got a little kinky during a web cam show. Bruce brought out the handcuffs and slapped them on me, next he stuck a big rubber ballgag in my mouth. Then he fucked me holding onto my wrists, I cum so much harder with something in my mouth! Bruce cums on my mouth and ballgag and then I lick it up.. yummy and so much fun! We were spending a typical swinger evening with Ava and Zac. We started off in the basement, talking, teasing each other and watching porn. We decided to move up to the bedroom to play around. I thought we should spice things up with a lipstick party even though there were only two of us. Ava and I put on different colored lipsticks and then sucked the guys’ cock swapping back and forth and changing lipstick colors. We got a little silly, but we were having so much fun trying to get as many different colors on their cocks as we c …
Jordern and I went out on Paige's boat with the guys... 4 Real Swingers - Anna Miller Sex Adventures 4 Real Swingers - Anna Miller Sex Adventures
Jordern and I went out on Paige’s boat with the guys. We were feeling pretty frisky, so we found a little cove to pull into and anchored the boat. Then we started a little girl girl loving fest. We pulled our tops down and our panties to the side and licked each other’s pussies. Of course, I soon migrated over to bruce and pulled his swim trunks down so I could suck his cock. Rod videoed everything, which is good, because Chase didn’t take many pictures… I think he had his own disctractions! Brandi invited us to her house for an orgy cam broadcast. We called up Lisa and Heath and Claudia, and Brandi’s friends Cameron and Jeff were there too. We moved the furniture to side so we would have plenty of room. All the girls decided to start off the broadcast already stripped down to our bras and panties. We didn’t waste any time and started playing around right away. I started licking Brandi’s pretty pussy and Lisa helped me. before i knew it I traded out pussy for Bruce’s cock and Claudia joined in. We moved over to the … Here are some pics from our hot MILF group sex night. Bruce somehow ended up with four horny MILFs all to himself! He took turns fucking each of the girls check out the used condoms on the floor! LOL until it was my turn! Alexis and Sammy fucked Karen with a lollipop stripped dildo until Bruce pulle dout and came in my mouth. Sammy helped lick it up. It mostly ended up on my chin in a big gooey mess!