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busty naked chick in the bath tubI browsed through a whole lot of porn magazines since the day that I found, for the first time, that my dick’s growing pubic hairs already. Yeah, of course, it only means one thing: it’s time to fuck around. One of the things that caught my attention early on were babes with their almost surreal pair of tits, which almost always appear to be a size (or two) too big for their bikini tops. I’m saying surreal because although these bitches do have the real thing, some actually look like they got some serious boob job done on them coz boobies this large were rare during those times — the real ones at that. And today, I will show you these hot photos of sexy GFs with the same delicious assets that I’ve been drooling over for years now. I never thought that I’ll be working for an awesome site like and it may sound fucking gay but it’s like a fucking dream come true. Ha! Now I don’t have to buy those photoshopped magazines and all I have to do is feast on hundreds of pictures of big-tittied chicks, choose whoever I want to feature and share their stories to you. Our amateur set for today is as hot as ever and I’m guessing that this site will just keep getting better with every episode. It’s neat that I get to spend my time on GF Melons for as long as I want each day but regrets will come later when I got no energy left from jacking off too much. Visit here to view more of our busty babes who want nothing but to expose themselves and their breasts to all of you. Enjoy!