Kitty Patrick swinger babe

4real swingers – Kitty Patrick shows her sexual life

“My name is Kitty Patrick and I’m not your typical girl. I’m 21 years old, live in the desert, and just love to party. I’m a little bit of a tomboy because I love video games, hiking, mountain climbing, cheeseburgers, beer, sports and tailgating. I’m originally from New York so I’m also a huge hockey fan! But I’m also very girly I love getting all glammed up, shopping, shoes, handbags, sipping girly drinks and of course, COCK!”

4 Real Swingers - Kitty Patrick Sex Adventures
This is a really great video and probably my best blow job to date. Pay attention at the end of the video and watch me drool all over this guys cock after he's fucked my face for a while. Of course I gobbled up all his cum that he covered me with too.

4 Real Swingers - Kitty Patrick Sex Adventures
Here is my first ever on camera anal scene! I was super anxious when making the video and just wanted to get fucked so my ass was a little tight at first but I was able to deal with it. As usual, the video ends with my face covered in yummy cum

4 Real Swingers - Kitty Patrick Sex Adventures
I love getting fucked really hard, it makes my pussy literally start to drip, lol. And this video is evidence of that fact, I'm so horny in this video you can hear my pussy juices getting drilled, yeah! Best part is I end with a big face full of cum from this guys volcanic size eruption.

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