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Tasty Redhead Stripping by the Tub

Kylie is the sweetest redheadyou’re ever going to see, but like most redhead hotties she has a hell of a temper when she gets riled up. That probably comes from being part of the ginger army. Either way, she managed to piss off her exbf enough that he sent her topless photos around so that everyone could appreciate her, minus the fiery temper. She’s a pale beauty, with teacup tits that are just enough to suck on. She’s certainly an innocent looking redhead, and it takes her forever to get out of her hoodie for these pictures. You’ll certainly be glad to see her once she’s wearing nothing but her cute cotton panties, because she’s got the right mixture of curves and petiteness to keep you staring. She might not be the most naughty ex girlfriend when it comes to nude photos, but she certainly is one of the hottest cuties that you’re going to see.

Redhead naked in the tub

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