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Blond Sweetheart Sipping Wine Nude

Some slutty ex-girlfriends get very odd ideas about the things they should be doing when they’re taking naked photos of themselves. Sherry starts things off with a pretty standard set of poses out in her couch, strapping on her stripper heelsso that her toned legs look even sexier. She has a sweet smile that belies her completely and utterly slutty behavior, and she leaves nothing away from the camera. She’s bending and twisting every which way she can so that you can check out her perfect sized tits and inviting cherry of a vagina. Then she goes out to the kitchen, still wearing nothing but high heels, and grabs a drink. She sits there drinking wine, letting her long legs fall open farther and farther until you see that salacious slit, waiting for a monster cock to stretch it all out.

Sherry gets naked and wasted

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