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Curvy Latina Swings Her Sexy Hips

If there’s one thing that you can be guaranteed in life, it’s that every Latina you run into is going to have a thick ass and a curvy as hell body. Janice is continuing this, as you get introduced to the extra special way that she puts on her makeup with this sexy amateur Latina tape. Instead of just getting herself ready normally, she strips off all of her clothes and then starts putting makeup on. It’s a rather random nude video scenario, but it’s apparently what this cute Latina does every day. Even if it’s weird, you do have to admit that it gets you some wicked good angles on her curves. She’s got a full swell of hips and an butt that is so goddamn incredible that it’s probably going to make you beat off right away. She makes sure to snap as many ass shots as she can possibly manage, because she knows that she’s going to get a lot of people staring at it once she sends this sex tape in.

Janice in bathroom

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