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Hot Couple Making a Cum Sandwich

For some people, their lunch break is a time to kick back and relax after a stressful morning at work. For other’s, it’s time to get their freak on. This blond coworker meets up with her workplace lover in the breakroom. They take their breaks before everyone else so that they can get the room all to themselves. It’s also because they find it hilarious to fuck on the counters before everyone else has their lunch. Is someone going to end up with a side of semen today? She bends over the counter and hikes up her skirt, revealing a big, beautiful and toned booty that you’ll want to spank hard. He just drops his pants and starts banging away at her. They can’t be too loud or the gig will be up, but there’s plenty of moaning and groaning going on between those two. They probably would have been louder had they known they were being recorded, tough.

Dirty coworkers fuck in lunchroom

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