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Naughty Christmas Girl Brings Naked Holiday Cheer

You might think that watching real life couples and amateurs show off their sex and masturbation tapes would be nothing like watching a porno. You’re right on that, but for the wrong reason – the amateurs are always hotter. You’re certainly not going to see anyone quite like this crazy blond in porn. She’s dressed up in a naughty Christmas outfit that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and it turns out that she didn’t get any panties for Christmas so she’s just not wearing any. She spreads her legs wide and shows off her smooth and sexy gash, and apparently has some very odd ideas in mind when it comes to what she should do during a naughty strip tease video. She certainly gets naked easily enough, revealing a body that should be immortalized in a sculpture, but she takes it to a rather crazy level by bringing out a sparkler. Not just bringing one out, but lighting it up and passing it around her slit. People in real life are way stranger than what goes on in pornos.

Sparkler Vagina Girl

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