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Dirty Blond Pyscho Bitch Gets Wild with Plushie Fetish

There are plenty of crazy exs out there, but not many of them end up practically humping their stuffed animal collection. Missy is all sorts of deranged, but it’s the type of deranged that makes her quite interesting in the bedroom. At least up until the point where she starts putting dildos on her teddy bears and expects you to dress up in a fursuit. Until then, though, the crazy is totally acceptable. She’s on her couch, clinging onto all sorts of stuffed animals. Her clothes have been lost in the crazy jungle some time before, and she could care less about finding them. She has the sweetest slit of a vagina, with just a bit of her lips poking out of it. She’s quite athletic as she jumps around the room, with asexy stomach that would be the perfect receptacle for a cumshot. She’s also quite flexible, putting her feet above her head, which looks to be her favorite flexible sex position.

Wild Plushie Loving Amateur

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