Kitty Patrick swinger babe

4real swingers – Kitty Patrick shows her private sexual life

“My name is Kitty Patrick and I’m not your typical girl. I’m 21 years old, live in the desert, and just love to party. I’m a little bit of a tomboy because I love video games, hiking, mountain climbing, cheeseburgers, beer, sports and tailgating. I’m originally from New York so I’m also a huge hockey fan! But I’m also very girly I love getting all glammed up, shopping, shoes, handbags, sipping girly drinks and of course, COCK!”
I’ve had a lot of masturbation requests lately, to my surprise, so I had to get one up! I really got into getting myself off in this video and had a super intense orgasm from my little black friend, lol! So, for all the requesters I hope this does the trick and gets you off as much as I got off making it.
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