Obsessed with myself

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Ok, so… this is definitely not something where you can pour your bucket of cum on. But since this incredibly enticing, fresh, and nice lady has got what it takes to be a certified whore — giving the bitchy looks and boob-explosin’ angles — it’s never hard to imagine what dirty things you can do to her when she’s out of those insanely boring clothes! Top it off with the very obvious — her pair of huge jugs are just dying to come out. Obsessed With Myself teaches you how to work up that dirty imagination and be extra, well, dirty. Bringing you this pretty piece of slutty merchandise that just needs just a little more push to strip and play.

Oh, and not to forget that plump and juicy cock-sucking lips. Any schlong-inflicted species would want their pricks drivin’ in and out of it like a chocolate-covered strawberry lollipop inside a very busty teen’s warm mouth. Yum.

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