GF Melons - busty babes

GF Melons – big jugs, small breasts and fake breasts

Big tits: “We know you’d love to bite down on these sweet, juicy big tits, because that’s the only reaction possible for any guy to have when they see these marvelous melons. There are millions of cute girlfriends out there with awesome natural racks that make their guys proud, and if only a fraction of them decide that they’re horny enough to show them off, we’d all be swimming in more luscious breast flesh than we know what to do with. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening, and so here we are in the middle of the hottest tittyfest in the world — because these stacked girls are for real and that makes all the difference!”

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Small tits: “Sometimes it’s not all big tits for a tit man. While chomping down on some part of a mouth-watering big titty is such a turn on, there’s something to be said about taking a hot babe’s small breast in your mouth and sucking on it in its entirety. And on some really pretty doe-eyed cuties with nubile bodies, those small tits are even more enticing than any giant grapefruits. Those lithe, sexy girlfriends can get really kinky too, to make up for their lack of massive mammary glands, so they’ll do all the dirty things their man wants them to do… Small-tittied amateur sluts will get you rock hard, guaranteed!”

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Fake tits: “Fake tits get a bad rep from some quarters, but that’s all lip service if you ask me, because any guy is going to be sprouting a woody when any of these bouncy, surgically-enhanced boobies appears in their vicinity. These appetizing watermelons are just about perfect, because they were designed to be that way! And a hot chick possessing these huge, awesome fake tits usually have a perfect, sexy body to go with it, because if a girl cares enough to get her tits done, then she usually knows how to take care of herself. And what guy wouldn’t want to parade these trophy girlfriends in front every other dude out there?”

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