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The New Guy Screws Boss’s Daughter

There are some chicks that should be kept off limits if you want to keep your job, namely the secretary and the boss’s daughter. The secretary you avoid since she’s probably fucking the boss to begin with, and his daughter – well you don’t want to have her get in the middle of things if a relationship goes bad. This new hire doesn’t seem to give a shit about these hard and fast rules, so he’s going to be pounding away at the daughter. And in the shop, at that. She comes on to him strong and he doesn’t do a damn thing to resist her. Of course you wouldn’t be able to either, because she has a big ass that needs grabbed, large natural mammaries and a vagina that will suck you right in. He has her bent over the work table in no time, enjoying that slick vagina enveloping his hard dick. He just keeps pounding away until she can’t take it anymore, collapsing in a happy exhaustion.

Boss's daughter gets boned

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