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Seductive Brunette Publically Flashing

Pam is the type of girlfriend that everyone would love to have – she’s cute, funny and has a hell of a personality. Unfortunately she does have the rather distinct downfall, and that’s flirting with pretty much everyone. It annoyed her boyfriend so much that he made sure her public amateur nudity photos got spread around all over the place once they broke up. This nude photo setshows Pam getting comfortable at a well traveled area, daring to bring her tits out whenever she thought the coast was clear. If it wasn’t clear, it’s pretty obvious that Pam would have brought her tits out anyway for the hell of it. She’s got gigantic, dollar coin sized nipplesthat tighten up at the mere thought of sex, let alone anything else. They’re cutting diamonds once they get cold and you’ll love to feel that firm nipple in your mouth. She doesn’t get caught with public flashing this time, but who knows about the next naughty set, since she can’t stop with just one.

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