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Cute CoedsIn Topless Pillowfight

College is where all dreams come true, if your dream is to see two cute girls rolling around half naked in a bed. And really, what dream could be better than that? This pair of cute college amateurs might be taking these naked photos on a dare, but it turns out that they’re certainly enjoying themselves in the process. Their favorite position is when their tits mashed up against each other, letting these cute girls feel their soft, succulent weight against the other. As is expected in this type of situation, a bit of a pillow fight also broke out after these legal teens got topless. These girls might hold themselves back from full amateur lesbian action, but they’re certainly spending more than enough time rubbing each other’s soft and welcoming body that it’s only going to be one small step for them, especially once they start playing with those hot funbags.

Wild slumber party

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