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“Hi everyone!! I am so excited that you decided to learn more about me! Let me tell you a little bit more about myself! First my name is Angelique LeClair. I have owned and operated my personal website since 1998! I am a real sexy amateur girl,not a hired model! I am French Canadian so I have a hot little French accent that is sure to turn you on! I love talking dirty in my first language but also in English of course! I come across as a sexy babe but don’t let it fool you! I am quite hard core too! I love my cock and pussy you know? I am totally bisexual but I have a preference for a nice hard cock and tight balls! Ok I got to stop thinking about that now as just thinking about it gets me horny as hell! Bet you are getting a little excited too huh? *wink* I love to tease!..”
I could not find anything to wear so I had to go down to the laundry room to do a few loads. I was only wearing lingerie so when Celt saw me walk by he had a different kind of load in mind!

Which led to some hot sex in the laundry room! And let me tell you, it was awesome! The machines were the perfect height, Celt’s cock reached my wet pussy no problem! I think whoever created the laundry machines probably made sure they were the right height for sex, right? hehe

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