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Some of the shyest looking chicks end up being the ones that go cock crazy once they’re in the bedroom, and it’s certainly the hottest possible outcome. Drian is a sexy slut that got on the wrong side of her ex once they broke up, so she ended up plastered all over the place. Of course looking at how spectacularly slutty she is, it’s no wonder that he wanted to at least share the one good thing that came out of their relationship. Drian flips off her angel shirt, ironic as it is, and reveals that she’s not wearing panties under her shirt. Her pussyis completely perfect, with matching lips and a tiny sex slot that almost looks like it’s never been touched. Her jugs are perky and welcoming, not too big and not too small. And that mouth of hers – when she’s talking you just want her to go away, but when this naughty exgirlfriend pops a cock in there, you’ll be transported to a world full of pleasure. She tongues and slurps at that rod, letting her hands come in to play with his balls and supplement her mouth motion.

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