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Hot Stockroom Girl Turns Stockroom into Sexroom

This naughty stockroom girl fucking hates to be put on stockroom duty. It’s her least favorite part of her job, so she spends plenty of time just screwing around instead of doing what she’s supposed to be doing. Today screwing around is a bit more literal, as she’s tossing her clothes off and masturbating. She has no idea that she’s being recorded, although you would think anyone with a lick of common sense would realize that a stockroom is monitored. So she might be a bit on the dumb blond side, but that’s how I like ‘em anyway. Besides, with a body like that she doesn’t have to be a brain surgeon. She sits down on top of one of the stock boxes, grabbing her boobs and throwing her head back. She’s a very horny gal and it doesn’t take much to get her going, especially once she starts fingering herself. Whoever is getting the package that she’s sitting on is going to have a very special gift indeed.

Stockroom Slut

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